An online natural health fair.

  • Who: 20 licensed NDs and counting, patient experience, and natural health experts.
  • What: This virtual event took place over 4 weeks in October with both online and offline activities. Talented health professionals and naturopathic doctors helped to educate the public on both the medicine and the tools patients need to follow an NDs advice, and live naturopathically.
  • When: Originally published October 4th – 31st
  • Where: Explore by weekly theme or view the entire health fair below.
  • Why: Health isn’t just individual, it’s social. By creating opportunities to read, learn, and join together we can support the health efforts of our community in California and beyond to the rest of the U.S.

Donations support the Foundation for Natural Health 501(c)(3) in supporting awareness of naturopathic medicine through public information and education.

Naturopathic Community Lineup