Dr. Stephanie Berg, ND, JD has experienced her share of stress. Her background in education and business has made her something of an expert on the topic. Check out these fantastic tips to help you on your journey to live naturopathically and in general, just feel a little better.

Eat a Balanced Diet of Whole, Natural Foods

Nutrition is vital to stress relief. More whole unprocessed foods and less refined sugar and alcohol are great places to start improving. Another good goal is to try to make every plate a healthy plate. Here are a few simple guidelines: Try to make half of the plate vegetables, a quarter of the plate is whole grains, and a quarter of the plate is beans, legumes, or a deck of cards portion of meat or seafood.

Check out this delicious and healthy meal with Dr. Sally LaMont, ND.

Try Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

Certain scents can do more than lift the spirits. Diffusing lavender augustifolia essential oil is a simple approach to stress relief. This essential oil contains linalyl acetate, which has relaxant properties.

Make your own mix and let us know how it works.

Apps Can Help You Stay Calm

There are many virtual stress reduction tools that people can use to stay grounded while sheltering in place. If you’re interested in meditation, Down Dog Yoga app, Hemi-Sync app and website, Wim Hof Method website, Breathe2Relax app, and Calm app and website all represent different approaches.

Choose an approach that resonates with you.

Stay Active

Whether it’s a jog outside, an at-home aerobics workout or a walk during lunch – get the body moving which will increase those feel-good endorphins, reduce stress and improve mood (not to mention the cardiovascular benefits!).

Learn more about staying active with RHC’s Dr. Godby, ND.

Spend Time in Nature, at an Appropriate Distance

Don’t forget Vitamin Nature. Make time for some exposure to nature throughout your week. Getting outdoors and getting fresh air goes a long way to reducing stress at home.

Learn more about the power of nature in your health with Oregon’s Dr. Kurt Biel, ND.

Laugh and Smile

Research has shown that even when we aren’t feeling so happy, if we force ourselves to put on a smile or laugh, it actually relieves stress and makes us feel happy!!

Discover more about the power of gratitude with the Institute for Natural Medicine.

Stop and take some slow deep breaths.

Remember that this too shall pass and think of all the things you are grateful for in this very moment. 

Let California’s Dr. Natiya Guin, ND guide you with calming breathes in this video.

Enjoy some four-legged therapy

Interacting with animals lowers the stress hormone cortisol, and can also lower your blood pressure. Animals can encourage persons to be active or just generally provide a laugh.

Discover more about animal therapy with the National Institutes for Health.

Stephanie Berg, ND, JD

Dr. Berg received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, her law degree from Stanford Law School and her Naturopathic Medicine degree from Bastyr University California.

She practiced business law for six years prior to attending naturopathic medical school and now combines her passions by providing legal services to naturopathic doctors to help them grow their practices with confidence.

Learn more about Dr. Berg’s work with CNDA.